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About InterPost  

Veil Encoding…for FREE!!!

In the months of June and July, InterPost will watermark your short or long form TV commercial with an electronic watermark for Direct Response tracking. We use Broadcast Verification Systems, B.V.S., which is the gold standard in the industry for allowing advertisers to document when and where their commercial has run.

"We're looking for steady clients that we can work with once a week or a month--for about the next 10 years!" To find out more or book your next editing job, call (800) 993-POST.

* Free Veil Encoding is only for first-time clients with a dub or customization order.
Certain restrictions apply. Please contact us for more information.


InterPost offers 2 NTSC edit bays, featuring Apple PowerMac G5 with Dual 2.0 Ghz processors loaded with the Final Cut Studio suite. With our sound booth and Pro-Tools capability, InterPost's video editing system delivers perfect, real time video from start to finish. Whether it¹s HD, digital Beta or DVD duplication, InterPost Editorial is raring to go.

Dubbing and Customization

Since InterPost opened its doors in 2003, clients like the US Army, Clorox, Public Storage, BreathAsure, Hilton Hotels and more have trusted InterPost to duplicate and customize their commercials flawlessly. Celebrities like George Kennedy, Shari Belafonte, Joe Theismann, Fran Tarkenton, and Chuck Woolery have been pleased with the way they look and sound. (Afterall, a performance is in the editing, isn’t it?) Our record of excellence reflects the focus and teamwork of a staff who understand that each client deserves their commercial to air perfectly.

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